Week 10 Question: Why I do the things I do.

Following week 10 tutorial’s exercise, explain why you chose the Creative Commons license that you added to your blog and discuss the relevance (or not) of adding the license.

Choosing a creative commons licence seemed like a fairly intuitive thing for me to do, being the young middle class white guy that I am. I think when it comes to intellectual property the decision to share and allow access to creative works is a personal decision based on values rather than a rule to be taken across all society. For example, a blogger like Daniel O’Brien(2011) probably has justification in the choice to copyright his online material, as he maintains some talent and consistency in his labour. Therefore I would say that he is worthy of ownership and the ability to profit from his material. This blog however is considerably crappier than any of Dan’s projects, so I feel it does not require copyright protection… and let’s be honest, nobody’s going want to use my literary garbage anyway.

Without becoming a stereotypical arts student by quoting the Communist Manifesto, a lot of my opinions on this matter also find their roots from a moderate Marxist ideology. On the one hand, property that can benefit others should be shared in the interests of fairness and equality. Given it is significantly easier to do this with intellectual property than say allotments of land in downtown Moscow, I’m all for the commons of my personal work. However, on the other hand I understand that property is probably going to be of better quality if someone gets payed in its maintenance. So, if I suspected my works were at a level where I was entitled to maintain absolute ownership over them, I would employ some copyright. As this is not the case though… let creative commons rule!

I guess my opinions on the issue are a little from either side of the ownership debate, that’s why I also chose my creative commons licence to not allow the manipulation or re-creation of my work. It’s one thing to be quoted or have ones opinions discussed openly, but I believe the manipulation of intellectual property without prior agreement is not optimal in maintaining credible property(TimeForDubSex 2010). People should be free to use or profit off material I create, but I think some recognition of its source would also be nice.

Hmm…so I guess a lot of my opinions kind of contradict themselves, because on the one hand…I don’t mind other people using my works, but on the other hand…I don’t want said works to be passed off as the achievements of someone else. Meh, I guess in the end as long as creative and useful products are created I’m not fussed…the challenge will be to actually come up with anything of value from this blog!

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1 Response to Week 10 Question: Why I do the things I do.

  1. Ryan Thompson says:

    I agree with what you’ve written, and have often considered this contradiction myself. However, I believe that if you have a creative commons license, any work that uses yours is a reflection of the strength of your piece, whether it references you or not.

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